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Welcome to the team, Adam Victory!


Welcome to the team, Adam Victory!

With a name like Adam Victory, who wouldn’t want to train with him? We’re excited to welcome Adam to the Five Points Fitness team as he takes over the youth accelerate program and continues to grow his personal training career.

Meet our youth accelerate trainer!

Raised in Marin, Adam grew up in a home where health and fitness were always a priority but it was in High School that it truly became his passion. Leading up to that, he had spent the majority of his time on snowboarding, basketball, soccer, and his mountain bike. With the help of his teacher, Olympic Power lifter Craig Bergman, he began training with an interest in building muscle and strength. Within 6 months, he had packed on 45 LBS of muscle and discovered his calling. Fitness for Adam has always been about finding the most effective (and fun!) method of training- principles he brings to his training sessions with clients. He has always been a personable and outgoing person and maintains a belief that there is nothing preventing a productive training session from being enjoyable at the same time. Adam emphasizes safe, controlled movements, that deliver maximal results and enhance functional strength in the non-judgmental, comfortable environment at Five Points.

Motto: “Obstacles do not exist to stop us, they exist for us to show how much we want something”.

Focus:  Helping others learn they are far stronger than they know.

Mission: Breaking down barriers, pushing past limitations and helping clients do the same.

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