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Group Classes Corte Madera

Group Classes

Parkinson’s Fitness & Boxing “Fee Based”

Exercise is medicine for people with PD! A fun, functional fitness blend
of stretching/mobility, cardio, core, posture, agility, strength, gait
training, breathwork and balance for your whole body.  Designed for
seniors with Parkinson’s Disease. Prepare for non-contact boxing,
tuning your reaction skills, and Parkinson’s specific, amplified focused
exercises. Some exercises can be practiced in a chair. Fine motor
movement, cognitive, vocalization and anti-anxiety exercises included.
Based on the Rock Steady Boxing for Parkinson’s method, Brian Grant
Foundation Exercise for Parkinson’s training and ParkinsonWISE®.
Exercises informed by high intensity interval training, progressive
function-based exercise programs, mixed martial arts and adaptive
mind/body movement practices.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu “Fee Based”

The art of submission grappling. Known as the most effective form of
martial arts and a key component of MMA.
Our class is a unique blend of mobility, technique, drills, and sparring
designed out the best fighter from within and sort you up for a lifetime
of training.
This class will consist of a warm up of foundational movements, focus
of the day(technique and drills), sparring (highly encouraged & always
optional), and a cooldown. This blended structures will allow you to
reach your goals faster, safer, and stronger than ever before.

Yoga “Complementary"

Renowned for flexibility training, yoga also develops strength, balance, and focus. The emphasis on deep breathing promotes relaxation, too.

Cycling/FPCycling “Complementary”

Classes take you through hill climbs, sprints, pacing, and intervals for an energetic cardiovascular workout. Instructor provides motivation and basic technique and set-up.

Pilates “Complementary”

Pilates instruction will take place on a mat in upright standing, floor sitting, floor squatting, and laying on the mat. This class focuses on what your body needs to maintain its optimal mobility, flexibility, strength, endurance, balance, and overall general physical health. Incredibly helpful for those interested in moving better as they age, and participate in golf, dance, swim, weightlifting, tennis, pickle ball, and competitive athletic movers will all benefit from these sessions.

HIIT High Intensity Training “Fee Based”

HIIT class will involve interval bursts of high-intensity conditioning and strength/building exercises… This involves work periods ranging from 30 seconds to 5 minutes, working between 80–100% of your maximum heart rate with shorter recovery periods… it will incorporate dumbbell, bands and body weight movements. A HIIT workout does mean that you’re doing a cardio workout that includes short bursts of hard work, but the key is that during those bursts you’re exerting yourself at almost max effort, In between those intense intervals, you’re slowing down or resting for a short period in order to get ready for the next interval of effort. HIIT workouts can also be strength training and a Building workout, but the effort and speed with which you do the exercises makes the workout an intense workout hitting all the dualities.

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