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Nail your Nutrition Goals with Val Harbidge!


Nail your Nutrition Goals with Val Harbidge!

There’s a reason we include Nutrition in our Five Points of Fitness.

You can do all the burpees in the world, run all the miles, and lift all the weights, wihout achieving the results you desire. We encourage a WELL-BALANCED approach to fitness that includes all aspects of optimum health. And one of the most important aspects is what you put into your body as FUEL.

We are here to introduce Val Harbidge, Five Points’ new nutritionist who will be working at both our Corte Madera and Novato locations. Val has years of experience as a nutritionist and a personal trainer, and we are excited to welcome her to the team.

With all the health food trends, myths, and fad diets circulating the media, it can be overwhelming to identify and stick to a nutrition routine that works for YOU. Val offers customized nutrition plans, daily check-ins, and weekly weigh-ins that will hold you accountable in order to truly achieve the results you desire.

Let’s hear from Val about her training philosophy and experience: 

My passion in this field lies in helping my clients discover a lifelong interest and commitment to their wellness, rather than seeing it as a chore that they don’t enjoy. As important as fitness itself is, proper nutrition is truly the foundation of the pyramid of wellness. My nutrition programming is individualized as no two people are truly the same. Coaching people on how to make sustainable habit change, and supporting throughout the transformation are two of my favorite things to take part in. This passion for nutrition combined with my personal training background allows for the greatest transformation. I believe it is of upmost importance to assess and address movement patterns and help guide individuals toward more effective functional movements. Fitness can be SO fun once foundations are set, and clients can move with confidence in their ability! I’m here to show you how.
ACSM CPT 2013-present
Group exercise instructor  2013-present
Precision Nutrition Nutritionist 2015-present
Fitness studio owner 2013-present
Crossfit level 1 trainer 2017-present
Precision Nutrition Level 1
Insanity Coach
Les mills Sprint coach
Les mills Bodypump coach
ACSM Certified Personal Trainer
TRX Level 1 Suspension Training
Keiser Spin Certified
Crossfit Level 1 Trainer
Family, Running, Bodybuilding Competitions, Travel, Photography, Cooking, Music.

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